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Finally Rid of Clintons? Clintons STUNNED as recount fails (general)

by AC @, Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:57

Finally Rid of Clintons? Clintons STUNNED as recount falls apart

Praise the Lord! Can this mean we won't have to see another Clinton for some while? Or, better yet - never again?....

Clintons STUNNED as recount falls apart
NOVEMBER 30, 2016 159 Comments

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s desperate attempt to overturn the presidential election results in key states is coming apart at the seams.

After decades of getting everything they want, the Clintons are finally tasting the bitter rejection of the American people — and the mounting recount failures, combined with the election results, have reportedly left husband Bill Clinton dazed and dumbfounded.

Hillary’s last ditch attempt at a recount, spear-headed by over six million in donations by heavily Democratic backers to Green Party candidate Jill Stein, is facing increasing difficulties and missteps.

In Wisconsin, Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn has refused to order local officials to conduct the state’s presidential recount by hand, acknowledging that Stein’s wild conspiracy theory of Russians hacking voting equipment had zero evidence.

And in Pennsylvania, Stein’s team missed a critical deadline to officially file for a voter-initiated recount. According to The Washington Examiner, “That blown deadline is a huge blow for Democrats who have pinned their hopes on recounts in the Keystone State, Michigan and Wisconsin.”

As a result of their stunning election loss, the Clinton empire has begun to unravel — and it has left former President Bill Clinton stunned.

In early November, it was widely reported that, as poll numbers began to shift in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor during the last days of the election, Hillary and Bill’s had an intense screaming match over the phone, blaming each other for the failing campaign.

FINISH READING this at: The Horn News

recount fails, missed Pennsylvania recount deadline

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