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Doctors: Hillary Suffering Serious Neurological Disease (general)

by AC @, Monday, September 19, 2016, 21:06

Doctors: Hillary Suffering Serious Neurological Disease

'Almost certainly renders her incapable of performing the duties of the president'

NEW YORK – Two physicians agree Hillary Clinton is suffering a serious neurological disease that should disqualify her from being president.

Theodore “Ted” Noel, a retired an anesthesiologist in Orlando, Florida, with 36 years experience and a background in critical care medicine explained to WND he was so convinced Clinton has Parkinson’s disease that he has now produced several videos arguing that point.

Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., a dual board-certified osteopathic neurologist and a leading headache specialist who directs the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center in Sarasota, Florida, told WND that while he agrees she has a neurological disease, he believes it is not Parkinson’s.

Whatever the precise diagnosis, the physicians separately have come to the conclusion she has a serious neurological disease that should medically disqualify her from being president.

He stressed that the two-page medical report issued on Sept. 14 by Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal physician, is “internally inconsistent and not reliable.”

Among the red flags Noel detected in Bardack’s report was a pulse-oximetry reading of oxygen saturation at 99 percent, which he considers “impossible in a woman of 68 years who is recovering from pneumonia.”

“A ‘non-contrast CT’ with a ‘CTA calcium score of zero’ is a perfect score on a test that does not exist,” he said, referring to Bardack’s assessment. “Management of thyroid replacement based on ‘a low T3 level’ is below the standard of care that requires TSH measurements. And her blood pressure of 100/70 is low enough that it requires careful medical assessment.”

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily

Hillary Parkinson, Hillary Parkinson's


Trump's winning terrorist narrative: James Robbins

by AC @, Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 06:13 @ AC
edited by AC, Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 11:06

Trump's winning terrorist narrative: James Robbins

James S. Robbins 7:09 p.m. EDT September 19, 2016

This weekend’s attacks were much closer to his worldview than that of the Democrats.

For more than a year, Donald Trump has been raising an alarm about the upswing of terrorism in the United States, promising to address it head-on without any of Washington’s usual political pieties. Jargon-laden responses to terror attacks from the White House and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign only tend to confirm Trump voters' worst fears about the Washington establishment, rather than build support for the Obama-Clinton approach to fighting the Islamic State terrorist group.

On Saturday a pressure cooker bomb detonated in a Manhattan dumpster, wounding 29. A second device was found blocks away and disarmed. This followed a pipe bombing that morning in Seaside Park, N.J., targeting the Marine Semper Fi 5K fundraising race. Fortunately, only one bomb detonated and no one was harmed.

On Sunday, five bombs were found in a backpack near a train station in Elizabeth, N.J. On Monday one suspected terrorist, Afghan immigrant Ahmad Rahami, was arrested after a shootout with police in Linden.

While all this was playing out on the East Coast, on Saturday a man went on a stabbing rampage at a mall in St. Cloud, Minn., wounding nine people before being gunned down by an off-duty police officer. The assailant, Somali immigrant Dahir Adan, whom ISIL claimed as a “soldier,” asked one of his victims whether he was a Muslim before stabbing him.

Monday morning, White House spokesman Josh Earnest attempted to calm rattled public nerves, saying that “when it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle.” He assured us we are winning it. Democratic presidential candidate Clinton quickly echoed this line, and accused Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to the terrorists by counseling a get-tough approach against radical Islam that strays from the administration’s more restrained rhetoric.

The White House response that America is successfully challenging ISIL’s "narrative" is cold comfort when improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are blowing up on American streets.

FINISH READING this at: USAtoday


LEARN MORE about evil Islam and its 2000 year old history plan to take over the entire world:

WARNING: Disturbing video ONLY IF he is not a JIHADIST terrorist:
Muslim Jihadist gets run over by ex-girlfriend (short video):


no more Muslim immigrants, evil Islam, Democrats want more Muslim immigrants


Hillary Clinton dropped ball on Benghazi, will at home, too

by AC @, Saturday, September 24, 2016, 22:05 @ AC

Cohen: Hillary Clinton dropped ball on Benghazi, will at home, too
Adriana Cohen Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lydie Denier said it was love at first sight when she met Chris Stevens, the former U.S. ambassador killed in the Benghazi attacks.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. He’s going to be the father of my children,’” the actress and author told me yesterday on Herald Radio.

Lydie has written a book honoring her former fiancé titled, “A Voice for Amb. J. Christopher Stevens.”

Sadly for Lydie, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found 
the night radical Islamic terrorists attacked the U.S. facility in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

Lydie said Stevens sent Clinton multiple requests for security prior to the deadly terror attack at the diplomatic facility in Benghazi, but they fell on deaf ears.

Recently, we may have learned why.

The Associated Press reported this month that Clinton made time for at least 85 meetings at the State Department with big donors to the Clinton Foundation, but didn’t bother to concern herself 
with the security of Americans stationed 
in Libya. Even though the Red Cross 
had been attacked in Benghazi — as well 
as a British envoy — by radical Islamic terrorists.

While leading the State Department, it 
appears that Clinton was too busy wheeling and dealing, enriching herself and her foundation.

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald

Hllary and Benghazi, Hillary no


Thanks Obama - We DO NOT need 100k more Muslim Refugees

by AC @, Sunday, September 25, 2016, 13:29 @ AC

Thanks Obama - We DO NOT need 100k more Muslim Refugees

Over the past month, lone Muslim Jihadists have been on a rampage across America, killing innocent Americans. Just read the news. It is going to be worst when liberal Democrats continue letting in tens of thousands of Muslims from terrorist countries. Trump is right. This needs to stop. It will get to a point where just going out to breakfast at say a Denny's will get many people killed when these waco Muslim terrorists shoot up and/or bomb restaurants. The 'vetting' process for Syrian refugees is a Joke, as there is no police files they can use.

LATEST a Turkish immigrant shoots up a Mall:

Suspect charged in Washington mall shooting

By Max Blau and Chandrika Narayan, CNN
Updated 8:56 AM ET, Sun September 25, 2016

(CNN)The lone suspect in the fatal shooting of five people in a Washington state mall has been charged with five counts of first degree murder, according to Skagit County jail records.

Arcan Cetin, 20, was taken into custody Saturday night after a nearly 24-hour manhunt, authorities said.

Four women and one man died in the shooting Friday night at a Macy's store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, just north of Seattle.

The victims' identities have not been released.

Authorities arrested Cetin as he walked down the street near his home in Oak Harbor, Washington.

When officers confronted him, he did not run, said Lt. Mike Hawley of the Island County Sheriff's Office. Instead, he froze and complied, Hawley said. Cetin was not armed at the time of his arrest.

"He said nothing," Hawley said. "Just kind of zombie-like."
Cetin is scheduled to make a court appearance Monday.

Cetin emigrated from Turkey and is a legal permanent resident of the United States, authorities said. It's unclear when he moved to the US.



LEARN MORE about the history of this evil religion known as Islam - and why these Muslom terrorists are killing non-Muslims all over the world:

Obama and 100, 000 Syrian refugees


Carr: Debate fix is in…for Hillary Clinton

by AC @, Sunday, September 25, 2016, 21:03 @ AC

Carr: Debate fix is in…for Hillary Clinton
Howie Carr Sunday, September 25, 2016

First presidential debates are a lot like Super Bowls — most years they don’t live up to the pregame hype. How could they?

The difference between debates and Super Bowls is that at kickoff, the score is even, 0-0. Tomorrow night at 9, Hillary Clinton starts with at least a 14-0 lead, maybe 17-0. That’s her built-in mainstream media advantage.

Vegas wouldn’t touch this one with a 10-foot pole. It’s fixed.

Whatever happens on Long Island, Hillary will immediately be declared the winner by 98 percent of the press. The headlines are already written, the phony-baloney polls and focus groups are ready to roll.

Hillary has to accomplish only two feats in Hempstead. The first one is to get off a couple of canned zingers for her adoring fans in social media to run with Tuesday morning.

What’s the over/under on how many minutes it will take her to say, “I’m a grandmother”? Comrade Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell will lap it up with a spoon. Oh, she so humanized herself, blah blah blah.

Hillary’s second task may prove more daunting: She has to remain vertical for 90 long minutes, with no oxygen mask or iron lung up there on the stage.

As we all know, there’s something wrong with Hillary, and I don’t mean her cirrhosis of the soul. There’s that hacking cough, and her tendency to collapse in sweltering 78-degree heat waves. Delivering prepared remarks, she sometimes blanks out in mid-sentence. And now there’s that thing with her eyes.

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald

Trunp NS cLINTON DEBte, Clinton and Trump debate

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