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Islam is a Peaceful Religion? YA Right! 4 Nuns + 14 shot in (general)

by AC @, Saturday, March 05, 2016, 21:08

Islam is a Peaceful Religion? YA Right! 4 Nuns + 14 shot in the head in Yemen

This is a reminder to all the dumb sh--s about ISLAM in the world like George W. Bush and Barack Obama who lie to us that Islam is a religion of peace. Far from it. BEST BET? Vote Republican to clean these Islamic 'animals' from the planet. Democrats just want to Wooo them and their votes, like Hillary did in Michigan. /s/ Steve K

According to an official Vatican News report, gunmen burst into the building Friday, went room-to-room handcuffing victims, then shot all 16 in the head.

4 nuns, 12 others killed in 'diabolical' attack on elderly home in Yemen
By Greg Botelho, CNN

(CNN)There are few places in Yemen -- homes, schools, hospitals -- that haven't been scarred by the ongoing war ravaging that Arab nation.

And now, a home for the elderly run by Catholic missionaries is among them.

The Vatican on Saturday reported the murder of four Missionaries of Charity members plus 12 others at an elderly facility in the port city of Aden.

According to an official Vatican News report, gunmen burst into the building Friday, went room-to-room handcuffing victims, then shot all 16 in the head.

Agenzia Fides, an information service for Catholic missionaries, reported the missionaries -- who belonged to the group founded by soon-to-be-sainted Mother Teresa -- were nuns. Two were from Rwanda, one from India and the fourth from Kenya.

The attack -- characterized by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin as an "act of senseless and diabolical violence" -- spurred a sharp rebuke from Pope Francis.




islam danger, islam peaceful, islam is diabolical


Most Wanted Islamic terrorists - with rewards up to $25 mill

by AC @, Friday, March 25, 2016, 09:46 @ AC
edited by AC, Friday, March 25, 2016, 10:00

Most Wanted Islamic terrorists - with rewards up to $25 million


See entire list at:

Most Wanted Islamic terrorists


Pakistan, Taliban's attack on Easter murders 67 Christians

by AC @, Sunday, March 27, 2016, 18:37 @ AC

Peaceful ISLAM? It never, ever was!

In Pakistan, Taliban's attack on Easter targets Christians; 67 people killed
By Sophia Saifi, CNN
Updated 8:20 PM ET, Sun March 27, 2016

(CNN)A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on Easter Sunday, saying it intentionally targeted Christians.

The suicide blast in the eastern Pakistan city of Lahore killed at least 67 people, a local government spokesman told CNN.

More than 300 others were injured, police official Haider Ashraf said.
The explosion ripped through the heart of Lahore on Sunday evening, at a time when many families were at the city's Gulshan Iqbal Park to celebrate the Easter holiday. Many women and children were among the victims.



LEARN MORE truth about evil, bloody, plundering Islam all the way back to the 7th century. Much is what Muslim historians have said about Islam. And it's not nice. The West needs to wake up quick! READ AT:


Muslim 'Migrants' to Europe discuss Raping, Robbing others

by AC @, Thursday, April 07, 2016, 10:38 @ AC

Not the peace-loving job-hunters new host nations desire
Published: 09/28/2015


A Ukrainian journalist who traveled by train with some of the hundreds of thousands of Mideast migrants seeking asylum in the West is warning that many are not the peace-loving job-hunters the new host nations desire.

A fluent speaker of Arabic, Aida Bolivar said she overheard them openly speak of robbing and raping fellow travelers.

A Hungarian television channel broadcast the interview with Bolivar, who was traveling Aug. 31 from Budapest to Vienna on one of the trains virtually taken over by migrants flooding Europe, ostensibly because of war in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Bolivar explained she lived for a total of five years in the Arabic-speaking countries of Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.

“This is the same train that [was] featured in many European news programs,” the TV host said, explaining it was besieged by “migrants who sought to leave the transit Hungary to flourishing Germany.”

Bolivar estimated 90 percent of the migrants were healthy men from age 18 to 45. They would, she said, grab children at random and use them to blud

She was traveling with a ticket, as were several others, she said.

“We sat down. The rest of the car was totally empty. Within minutes, something unbelievable happened. Huge screaming, the windows were cracking. The situation was unbelievable. Like some dark cloud, a mass of people got on,” she said.

“There were conflicts, fights and other awful things,” Bolivar said.

The climax came “when they began talking to each other in a relaxed tone, considering whether or not they should rob us, since that would please Allah, because we were infidels.”

“As for me, it would really be worth raping me, because I am not dressed like a proper woman. I haven’t got a hijab on my head, that is, I’m not Muslim, and so I am bad,” she said.

She said her arrival at Keleti Railway Station in Budapest had been enough of a shock.

There were, she said, “masses of people of Arab appearance, filthy, unwashed and loud, who refused to let me get across the entrance.”

“They shouted various insults in my direction. They tried to take away my luggage,” she said.

“While I waited for my train, I saw what has happening in the station. People, without shame, simply defecated right where they stood,” she said.

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily


Stop Muslim Immigration to USA! Give Arab Christians a break

by AC @, Saturday, April 09, 2016, 17:35 @ AC
edited by AC, Saturday, April 09, 2016, 17:53

Stop Muslim Immigration to USA! Arab Christians & Jews are being slaughtered in Muslim countries! Persecuted and hunted Christians & Jews in Arab countries are the truly deserving Refugees! Not Muslims who belong to a religion which seeks to spread its evil and take over the entire world.

I think it is time that America and the West stopped inviting the evil Muslim '5th Column' into their countries - who will ultimately cause much more havoc and terror than they are already causing. Stop paying Muslim terrorists to settle in the West. Who should be welcoming with OPEN Arms are the millions of Arab Christians & Jews who are being severely persecuted and murdered every day - in Muslim countries. These are the people who need Freedom and help the most. Not Muslims who have shown in America and the West - just like they have shown in Israel - that they are not the least bit interested in becoming good citizens. Why take the chance? Don't fool ourselves that we can 'vet' so-called good Muslims (and yes there are many of those). It hasn't worked well so far. Just look at all the Muslim Americans who have slaughtered innocent people just in America in the past several years. /s/ Steve K

Christian communities, which like the Jews, predate Islam, are being targeted for eradication.

By CAROLINE B. GLICK \ 04/07/2016 22:07
Column One: Inconvenient genocide

The Christian communities of Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon are well on the way to joining their Jewish cousins. The Jewish communities of these states predated Islam by a millennium, and were vibrant until the 20th century. But the Arab world’s war on the Jewish state, and more generally on Jews, wiped out the Jewish populations several decades ago.

And now the Christian communities, which like the Jews, predate Islam, are being targeted for eradication.

The ongoing genocide of Middle Eastern Christians at the hands of Sunni jihadists is a moral outrage. Does it also affect Israeli national interests? What do we learn from the indifference of Western governments – led by the Obama administration – to their annihilation? True, after years of deliberately playing down the issue and denying the problem, the Obama administration is finally admitting it exists.

Embarrassed by the US House of Representatives’ unanimous adoption of a resolution last month recognizing that Middle Eastern Christians are being targeted for genocide, the State Department finally acknowledged the obvious on March 25, when Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Islamic State is conducting a “genocide of Christians, Yazidis and Shi’ites.”

Kerry’s belated move, which State Department lawyers were quick to insist has no operational significance, raises two questions.

First, what took the Obama administration so long? Persecution of Christians in Iraq began immediately after the US-led coalition brought down Saddam Hussein in 2003. With the rise of Islamic State in 2012, the process of destroying the Christian community went into high gear. And now these ancient communities are on the brink of extinction.

In Iraq, Christians comprised 8 percent of the population in 2003. Today less than 1% of Iraqis are Christians. In Syria, the Christian community has lost between half and two-thirds of its members in the past five years.

One of the appalling aspects of ISIS’s deliberate, open targeting of Christians for destruction is how little resistance it has received from local Sunni populations. As Raymond Ibrahim from the David Horowitz Freedom Center has scrupulously documented, the local Sunnis have not stood up for their Christian neighbors, who have lived side-by-side with them for hundreds of years. Rather, in areas that have been conquered by ISIS, the local Sunnis have collaborated with their genocidal masters in raping and murdering Christian neighbors, plundering their property, destroying their churches, and driving them from their ancestral homes.

Although precise data is hard to come by, it is clear that thousands of Christians have been slaughtered. Thousands of Christian women and girls have been sold as sex slaves in ISIS slave markets, subjected to continuous, violent rape and beatings. Nuns and priests have been enslaved, crucified, mutilated, kidnapped and held for ransom, as have lay members of Christian communities. Christians have been burned alive.

For years, the administration said that the persecution doesn’t amount to genocide because according to ISIS’s propaganda, Christians are allowed to remain in their homes if they agree to live as dhimmis – that is, without any human rights, and subjected to confiscatory taxation.

But as Nina Shea from the Hudson Institute has reported, these claims were shown to be false in Mosul, Nineveh and other places where ISIS has claimed that such practices were instituted.

The jihadist genocide of Christians isn’t limited to Iraq and Syria. Boko Haram – ISIS’s affiliate in Nigeria – is undertaking a systematic campaign to annihilate Christianity in Africa. ISIS’s affiliates in Sinai and Libya have similarly targeted Christians, staging mass beheadings and other monstrous acts.

FINISH READING this at: Jerusalem Post


LEARN MORE about the history of evil Islam, and read what Muslim historians have told us about it HERE:

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