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McNativity? Photo of McDonald's window goes viral (general)

by AC @, Monday, December 21, 2015, 19:54
edited by AC, Monday, December 21, 2015, 20:38

McNativity? Photo of McDonald's window goes viral

At least 1 McDonalds franchise owner got it right! We are used to posting boycotts of the Corporate McDonalds which have consistently been against the God of the Bible -- by ignoring His message that Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION (His Word) - by giving money to Homosexual causes. BUT this single Franchise owner seems to have gotten something right. God bless the owners: The Wolfes of Spring Hill, Columbia and Mount Pleasant, Tennessee.

Liberal Democrats and their minions of lawyers may go after them for this display of affection for the Son of God. I say - let them try! God's Son will Triumph every time. /s/ Steve K

McNativity? Photo of McDonald's window goes viral

USA TODAY NETWORK Melanie Balakit, The Tennessean

NASHVILLE — A photo of a Nativity scene at a Spring Hill, Tenn., McDonald's has gone viral.

A Facebook photo of the scene has been shared more than 82,000 times since last Monday. The photo shows a Nativity scene painted on the store's windows, with the phrases "His Name is Jesus" and "Rejoice" painted on the sides.

Amy Basel, who uploaded the photo to Facebook, said she was surprised it went viral.

“I thought, “What in the world? On a McDonald’s, and it’s Jesus? This is great!” said Basel, a Michigan native. "I was super excited about it and I took a picture."



FINISH READING this at: USAtoday

His name is Jesus, His name is Yeshua

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