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GOP: DUMP John Boehner Now - Democrats tell why! (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 20:22
edited by AC, Friday, September 25, 2015, 19:32

GOP: DUMP John Boehner Now - Democrats tell why!

It's not about John Boehner being a bad man. In fact, he is the opposite. He is a very good, honorable, spiritual and kind person. But he just isn't 'in the fight' in my opinion.

Have you wondered why the Republicans cannot get anything done - EVEN THOUGH they control both the House and the Senate? LOOK no further - Democrats tell you why. TIME to DUMP the House Republican Speaker, Ohio Congressman John Boehner who seems to me to be working AGAINST Republican causes.

My opinion: He appears to be either working with or always backing down from the evil liberal Democrat Agenda of Abortion, homosexuality, ObamaCare, illegal immigration - and bankrupting America via huge 'entitlement programs'.

Have Republicans won even one conservative cause/issue since Boehner has been Speaker? Has there even been a good 'fight' put up by Republicans during his tenure? All he seems to understand - is how to back down.

24 SEP 15 UPDATE: The minority Democrats blocked the conservative effort today - to defund Planned Parenthood. /s/ Steve K

House Dems willing to save John Boehner
By Manu Raju

Washington (CNN)Speaker John Boehner's future was on Rep. Henry Cuellar's mind when he was speaking with fellow House Democrats last week.

The question they were mulling: Would they throw Boehner a lifeline and save his job if he needed their votes to survive?

"Heck yes!" Cuellar said in an interview when asked if he'd consider it.

The Texas Democrat is one of more than a dozen House Democrats who told CNN they'd be willing to vote to keep Boehner in place if he faces a rebellion from the tea party wing of his caucus this fall. In interviews, a number of Democrats said they would use the dilemma as leverage to demand Boehner take a list of unspecified actions before casting a vote to spare his speakership.

The openness of Democrats to help the Ohio Republican could give Boehner more breathing room as he faces a revolt from roughly two dozen House conservatives who are plotting how to boot him from his position because, they believe, he has not taken a more confrontational line with President Barack Obama.


dump John Boehner


Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to join Republican Party

by AC @, Friday, September 25, 2015, 19:58 @ AC

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to join Republican Party
Joseph Gerth, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal 9:19 p.m. EDT September 25, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is joining the GOP.

Davis, who has become the face of opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage, told Reuters on Friday that she is leaving the Democratic Party to become a Republican.

"My husband and I had talked about it for quite a while and we came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party left us a long time ago, so why were we hanging on?" she told Reuters in an interview.

Davis, who refused to issue marriage licenses because she disagrees with gay marriage, was jailed for five days by U.S. District Judge David Bunning after she refused a direct order to either grant the licenses or allow her deputy clerks to do it.

Bunning released her after she agreed not to interfere with deputy clerks issuing the licenses. After she changed the license to remove her name and title and added that the license was being issued in response to the federal court order, plaintiffs asked that she again be held in contempt.

FINISH READING this at: USAtoday


LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Homosexuality - which GOD Himself calls an ' ABOMINATION' here:

homosexual, homosexuality, gay, gay marriage


Boston Public Radio:Vs Pope courageous support for Kim Davis

by AC @, Friday, October 02, 2015, 22:19 @ AC
edited by AC, Thursday, October 08, 2015, 09:45

Boston Public Radio in Massachusetts: For a 2 weeks now I made the mistake of listening to National Public Radio. Last week the super liberal Democrats, Margery Eagan & Jim Braude joined in unison to condemn Pope Francis for meeting with Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis who took a stand against evil 'Homosexual Marriage'. These two left wing 'liberal puppets' seem to always have listeners call in - who one after another always stand by their super evil 'everything goes' liberal views whenever an issue of Homosexual Marriage, Abortion, Planned Parenthood -- or liberal Democrat politicians (who they bow down to) come up. Rarely does a caller NOT agree with their evil, unHoly liberal Democrat views. That very rare caller who disagrees with them does not last long on their show. Both show they are very 'put off' whenever that very rare caller 'appears' who disagrees with them. Gag me with a spoon about these two, and National Public Radio's 'agenda'. Who can take even 2 weeks of their daily liberal B.S.? I did. I survived. But barely.

But this is Massachusetts, where these two are right at home. I'm the odd one here.

This week Jim & Margery led a discussion which basically 'trashed' Pope Francis for meeting with Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis who took a stand against Homosexual Marriage, based on her conscience and religious conviction. It also happens to be the same stand that God has taken via His Word in the Bible. The Catholic Church and most Evangelical churches stand with God's Word against homosexuality, and murdering of innocents (babies and others).

In the past 2 weeks they also 'stood behind' abortionists who love Planned Parenthood, and those who love liberal Democratic issues like murdering babies, giving public money to Planned Parenthood - and of course homosexuality. These 2 ultra liberals think we are supposed to 'feel good' when two men or two women lie together in 'unnatural' marriages, which is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification (hedonism). And of course these two liberals think they are right by saying great things about the 'he/she' - 'she/he' mixed up transsexual life styles also. Their ultra liberal views are far from wholesome to any thinking practicing Christian. But their views are the norm in ultra liberal bastions such as Boston, Cambridge - and most of central eastern Massachusetts. Sodom & Gomorrah were two very real 'anything goes' places such as Jim and Margery's visions for America. Those two loathsome places mentioned in the Bible had a lot in common with liberal America today.

THEIR ULTRA LIBERAL VIEWS ASIDE: In conversations & discussions NOT involving core liberal Democrat views - I do find Jim Baude & Margery Eagan two very likable people, who are also intelligent, knowledgeable, engaging, and interesting to listen to. They also speak keep their discussions interesting, because they engage in a broad range of topics. As a talk radio team, they are among the 2 best in the country. It's only with core liberal Democrat issues (abortion, homosexuality, bankrupting America via open borders & 'entitlements', no debt ceiling, and support for nearly all Democrat politicians) that I find them very hard to listen to. It's possible to enjoy listening to, so long as you turn them off whenever they are discussions on topics mentioned above that are dear to liberal Democrats. I personally just find the liberal Democrat agenda as being spiritually evil, and very bad for the future of America.

Rampant acceptance of the sin of homosexuality is a sign that the situation has gotten very bad, no less than those days related to us by the true stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Deuteronic story in Judges which is punctuated with the words: “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

Satan has unleashed this liberal plague and confusion on Christendom with a well planned strategy. Make no mistake about it - this is part of Satan's plan to pervert God's creation and His holy Word. Satan ultimately wants to infiltrate - and to finally lead the Lord's Churches into rebellion against God with him.

Eagan is supposedly a Catholic. But nearly all her ultra liberal views are against the tenets of Christianity and the Catholic Church (such as do not murder babies & Homosexuality is an Abomination). Why can she even receive Holy Communion? Why can John Kerry?

It says in Margery Eagan's Wikipedia bio "She will write a column about spirituality and devotion to God". Question, does devotion to God mean to poke God in the eye? God says Homosexuality is an Abomination. Margery says 'go for it'. God says Murder is a Sin. Margery says 'go for killing your baby' if it will get you a better job, a better house, or a better car. Her ultra liberal Democrat 'puppet mate' Jim Braude nearly always agrees. Once again: curiously, nearly all their telephone callers also just about always agree with their ultra liberal positions. Why is that? Callers screened? Or, just all ultra liberals even bother to call? Once again, this is Massachusetts, where these two are right at home. I'm the odd one here.

Last week these two talking head liberal Democrat 'puppets' had this woman on their radio show talking about how 'peaceful' Islam was. She tried to offer proof by telling how the 1st Muslim Congressman was sworn in with his hand on Thomas Jefferson's very own copy of the Islamic Qur'an (Koran). Obviously being 'clueless' about Islam, both Margery & Jim agreed with her that Islam is 'peaceful'. HELLO? Israel & the West are in a struggle to the death against brutal, evil Islam all over the world. And it has been for over 1300 years. The Crusades were the West's first attempts to slow the militant attacks by Islam upon us. Militant Muslims are not the so called 'bad Muslims'. The militants are actually following the script laid out in Islam's Qur'an (Koran), and emulating the way its founder, Muhammad acted in his life.

Thomas Jefferson only had that copy of the evil Koran for his curiosity, scholarship - and mostly because he wanted to study his enemies -- America was engaged in a conflict with the Muslim Barbary Pirates when Jefferson was president. NO mention of that was made. Peaceful? Has a day gone by in the past 1350 years where Muslims somewhere in the world were not slaughtering scores or hundreds of innocent Christians & Jews - usually always because these innocent souls refused to convert to Islam? I doubt it. NO mention was made that as Margery & Jim wholeheartedly agreed that Islam was good.

The Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and Muslim Hadith are unique among all the sacred writings in the entire world -- because they alone counsel its followers to make war on unbelievers. Any thoughtful reader will be forced to admit that evil literally "drips" from their pages. One in every 55 verses in the Muslim Qur'an consists of this fake god Allah insisting that Muslims make war on unbelievers. Additionally, Islam is against every tenet of Christianity. Islam says that God has no son, and if you believe God has a son - you will go to Hell. It also lies that Jesus died on a cross.

Proverbs 30:4 (700 B.C.): "Who hath ascended up into heaven or descended? Who hath gathered the wind in His fists? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of the Earth? What is His name, and what is His son's name, if thou canst tell?"

Psalm 2:11-12 (1000 B.C.): Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

In the "Suffering Servant" passage of Isaiah 53:5 written: 712 B.C.) where we read:

"He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed"

What Muhammad produced in the Qur'an is simply a book of gibberish consisting of later evil verses abrogating (superseding) earlier peaceful verses. These verses in Arabic poetically "tickle" the ears of Arab listeners. Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone "prophet", who made no prophecies, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a 7th century terrorist.

Picture from

Below article was written by Kevin Flynn, an ex Mayor of Boston, and ex U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. /s/ Steve K

Flynn: Pope courageous to visit, support Kim Davis

Once Pope Francis met with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, his honeymoon with the left was over.

The same people who were praising him for saying what they wanted to hear turned on him almost instantly once they learned he sat down with the civil servant jailed for refusing to approve same-sex marriage licenses.

“Stay strong,” he reportedly told her last Thursday in Washington.

In this politically correct society, speaking out about one’s religious beliefs is not easy. Kim Davis experienced that and the pope backed her conscientious objection.

With Christians under vicious physical attack in the Middle East and in North Africa and Catholic teachings being trampled upon by politicians, the pope set an example we can all follow.

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald

Vatican fires gay priest on eve of Catholic bishops meeting

Poland-born Krzysztof Charamsa said he wanted to challenge the Church's "backwards" attitude to homosexuality.

He was later dismissed from his post at the Vatican's office in charge of guarding Roman Catholic doctrine.

H U G E QUESTIONS? Why was this homosexual guy ever elevated to the lofty position of Monsignor in the first place? Does the Vatican have NO background checks in place? Since he obviously hid 'below the radar', why on earth is he still a Catholic Priest now that he admits he is an Abomination to God, and living a sinful life style? The picture of these two make me physically sick. WORSE, is that this Monsignor is allowed to say Mass even though God looks at his life style as an Abomination.



From a recent liberal Democrat, Joe Biden speech directed against Republicans & Christians who are against homosexuality:

"There still are those 'shrivel' voices in the national arena who are trying to undo what has been done. But they are not going to succeed. Don't worry about it. I mean this sincerely. The American people have moved so far beyond them. And their appeals to prejudiced and homophobia. I support the Equality Act, and it will pass."


Now it's Biden vs. Bible on homosexuality
Outrage after VP equates biblical teaching to 'violence with impunity'
Published: 05/20/201

Vice President Joe Biden, known for his support of same-sex marriage, has released a statement blasting “religious condemnation” of homosexuality.

His statement has prompted a flood of criticism, including the assertion that the homosexual-rights movement wants “complete and total domination, which is exactly what Obama and his minions are giving them.”

Biden’s statement was issued May 17 on the “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.”

He equated “religious condemnation” of homosexuality with “violence with impunity, mistreatment by police, the denial of health care … and social isolation.”

FINISH READING this at: World Net Daily (WND)


Joe Biden Says Bible Believing Christians Violate LGBT Rights By Simply Existing
Geoffrey Grider | May 19, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden say today that the rights of the LGBT people are violated by “religious condemnation”. He is directly referring to Bible verses like the one posted at the top of this article. The Progressive Liberals are well aware that it is God, speaking by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, that condemns homosexuality in all it’s many forms. According to Joe Biden, the American Bible believing Christian who takes the Bible literally, is violating the “rights” of the LGBT by trusting in God’s word.



LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Homosexuality here:

LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Abortion here:

LEARN MORE about this scourge upon the entire earth known as Islam here:

Kim Davis, Margery Eagan, Jim Braude, Pope Francis


Evil 'El Chapo' May Have Put $100M Bounty on Trump's Head

by AC @, Sunday, October 11, 2015, 19:30 @ AC

El Chapo May Have Put $100M Bounty on Trump's Head
By Greg Richter | Tuesday, 06 Oct 2015

Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman may have issued a $100 million bounty on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over remarks the front-runner has made about Mexicans, Teleservtv reports.

Guzman first threatened Trump via a Twitter account purported to belong to his son, Ivan, soon after his escape from a maximum-security Mexican prison in July.

"Keep f… around and I'm gonna make you swallow your b…ch words you f… whitey milk-s…." Ivan Guzman's account tweeted in Spanish.

Guzman's ire stems from Trump's presidential announcement speech on June 16 when he warned that Mexico was sending its criminals to America, including rapists and murderers as well as drugs. He has since pushed for a wall to be built between the two countries to keep out illegal immigrants.


Donald Trump, GOP2016, Mexico, el chapo, mexico, immigration, illegal immigrants

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