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The real “Inconvenient Truth” behind global warming? A lie! (general)

by AC @, Sunday, August 09, 2015, 20:37
edited by AC, Thursday, August 13, 2015, 11:17

Thank GOD Al Gore never became President. Not only because of his interests in the Muslim terrorist business (my opinion) 'Al Jazeera'. But because of what havoc he has brought by his relentless thumping of so-called 'global warming'. Al and friends are making a good living off so-called 'global warming'.

HERE in Massachusetts, its been one of the coolest springs & summers I can remember. This follows one of the coldest winters with more snowfall that I can also remember for quite some time. It is the night of 9 August 2015 and the temperature is in the 60's Fahrenheit here.

We do, however, definitely need to cut way back on carbon monoxide emissions - AND other pollutants in the air, and work to somehow increase the percentage of oxygen in the air we breath.

EVER Wonder why 150 years ago Cancer was relatively UNKNOWN? That's because Oxygen in the air was about 20%, and it is only about 10-15% now. Cancer CAN be cured simply by Oxygen saturation therapy and cutting out sugar!

Forget chemotherapy which is just poison that kills healthy cells also. Cancer THRIVES on LACK of Oxygen AND Sugar! Add Oxygen to your system and remove sugars and you can lick just about ALL diseases. That includes Cancer!

Did you ever wonder why Adam's early offspring live to be over 500 - 800 or more years? My educated guess is simply because the air they breathed pure clean air, free of pollutants that contained 30-35+ percent oxygen. ALL diseases can NOT exist in a high oxygen environment.

/s/ Steve K

Well, according to NASA’s own data, the world has warmed .36 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 35 years (they started measuring the data in 1979).

I think you would agree that a .36 degree increase in temperature over the last 35 years is hardly anything to get in a panic about.

Granted, that does mean the world is warmer, right?

The theory that global warming is caused by an increase of greenhouse gases "is the greatest scientific fraud in history, and the evidence is damning."

You see, John found evidence — buried right in the government’s own environmental studies — that destroys Al Gore’s argument for “global warming.”

The documents have been released and the truth is staggering. For years now Al Gore has been spearheading the crusade of global warming alarmism to the masses, holding seminars, clean energy initiatives, and even unveiling a critically acclaimed documentary.

The real “Inconvenient Truth” behind global warming? It is all a lie.

Al Gore spreads “global warming” propaganda for his own profit.
Have you been duped?

Imagine, for a moment, sitting at a prestigious steakhouse in Palm Beach, Florida, a hot spot for some of the wealthiest and most famous — Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, James Patterson, Rush Limbaugh, and hundreds more.

And, imagine dining with a handful of men you’ve only read about. Some of them are worth millions, others published best-selling books, and some have held prominent positions at the White House.

In essence, you’re sitting at a five-person table of VIPs.

Tom Luongo has worked extensively with the University of Florida on making crop yields more productive for third world countries, creating an intermetallic coating for gun barrels that dropped maintenance requirements on firearms by half, and assisting in the development of cures for diseases.

You’re about to take a bite of your New York strip when one of the men, a top U.S. intelligence agent, slams a 164-page document in the middle of the table.

This document, you soon find out, contains damning evidence that a network of politicians, corporations, and scientists have conspired together to promote the fear of “global warming” . . .

Despite evidence clearly stating no such “global warming” exists.

The motive: $22 billion per year.

That’s $22 billion of taxpayers’ money . . . to stop the “global warming” epidemic.

That comes out to $41,856 every minute.

That's twice as much as what our government spends on securing our borders.

My name is Tom Luongo, and in the following few pages, I am going to show you the alarming research in the document that was laid before me that night in Palm Beach.

The man who put this document in my hands — the man whom Al Gore is personally attacking . . .


global warming lie


Refusing to give an inch to the despised metric system

by AC @, Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 09:40 @ AC
edited by AC, Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 09:52

Refusing to give an inch to the despised metric system

Good for America for sticking with inches and miles. It makes perfect sense to me. Americans can picture in their minds what an inch, foot, yard, oz, pound, mile and an acre are. Try picturing in your mind what a gram, centimeter, millimeter (0.039 inches), or even a kilometer are? We know that 90 degrees Fahrenheit is hot, and 32 degrees Fahrenheit is cold. How cold or hot is 32.2222 degrees Celsius? Who in America really cares about the metric system! Certainly not me... There is already enough confusion. Why add even more?
/s/ Steve K

Refusing to give an inch
America's only metric road

Story by Moni Basu, CNN
Video by Nick Scott, CNN

Only three nations do not use the metric system today: Myanmar, Liberia and the United States. But calling America a nonmetric nation is somewhat of a misnomer. The United States has given more than an inch even though it might not have gone the whole nine yards.

Consider that Coke bottles are sold in liters. So is wine. Medicine, in milligrams. Food nutrition labels are metric. And what about a 100-meter sprint or a 5K race?

Still, America is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not conduct business in metric weights and measures.

It's an issue that made the news again recently when Democrat Lincoln Chafee announced his candidacy for the White House. "Let's be bold -- let's join the rest of the world and go metric," Chafee said in launching his campaign, calling the move a "symbolic integration" meant to show good will to the world.

Easier said than done. To be or not to be metric has been a question of great consternation in this country.

Opponents have called pro-metric people communists and other not-so-nice labels. Proponents have called the anti-metric camp plain stupid and hell-bent on making sure America lags behind the entire world.
About this series

Great American Stories is an occasional series on the unexpected places and unforgettable characters that help define the country.

There are blogs like "Metric Maven" and even a book on the subject. John Bemelmans Marciano gave up writing the popular "Madeline" children's books started by his grandfather and last year published "Whatever Happened To The Metric System?"

Marciano says his young editor had no idea the United States had come within millimeters of metrication. The book reveals a fascinating history of how this nation ended up keeping a system in which 16 ounces make a pound, 12 inches make a foot and 3 feet make a yard.

The rest of the world calls Americans pennywise and pound foolish for still using a system that on its face makes little sense. And Americans, in turn, shun the metric system as a foreign creation. Never mind that Americans use the thermometer invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a foreigner of Dutch-German-Polish extract.


metric system


Rather WORST President in US History (Carter) run than GORE

by AC @, Thursday, August 13, 2015, 19:55 @ AC
edited by AC, Thursday, August 13, 2015, 20:24

Would rather see WORST President in US History (Carter) run than Al Gore

I AM DEFINITELY going with Donald Trump at this point! He may be a bit too 'colorful'. Granted. BUT, he speaks the truth about Illegal immigration and sad human beings such as Rosie O'Donnell, who has never been the least bit funny - and who has been downright -degenerative like Ellen Degeneres (in my opinion).

I live next door to a variable 'Asylum' city called Lawrence, Massachusetts. Probably 30-50% of its residents are illegal immigrants. Nearly all the crimes reported in the area newspaper the Eagle Tribune are committed by Hispanics/Latinos/Dominican Republic folks. Recently this 'Asylum City' (in control of elected Latinos) passed a Law that they will no longer work with ICE to deport illegals who have committed crimes. Donald Trump may be the only one who can 'clean up' these renegade asylum places across America. If you are here illegally, AND if you commit a crime. Adios Amigo! That's what Donald Trump is saying. WHY do so many LEGAL Americans have to die at the hands of desperate illegal immigrants? /s/ Steve K


Why is Jimmy Carter the worst president in US history? Since he left office, this supposedly Christian has gone out of his way to relentlessly weaken Israel on many, many occasions. Carter has spent decades working with Israel's enemies against Israel. My opinion. I'll place the blame of why IRAN is the way it is today on Carter's policies. Just as I place the blame of the Pagan Muslim world 'blowing up' because of Barack Obama's policies of backing Muslim terrorists instead of the strict Muslim governments that had the Muslim terrorists in control (i.e. before Muslim Spring). Common Denominator: Failed/Clueless liberal Democrats.

GOD has promised in Scripture to bless those who bless Israel - and CURSE those who don't. Is Jimmy Carter therefore cursed? I don't know! Only God does.

Why didn't Carter OR Obama read God's Word about Israel? Those so-called U.S. 'Christian' churches who are standing with the Palestinians against Israel are surely not on the side of God also. You cannot have it both ways.

NOW we have Al Gore, who was involved with backing a major MUSLIM web site (Al Jazeera) sending out 'feelers' to run for President in 2016. The same Al Gore who has made lots or lots of money preaching the non-existent Global warming scam.

My opinions /s/ Steve K

Gore 2016? Rumors were flying after new report
By Cooper Allen

If you were just getting used to the notion of Donald Trump as the front-runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, try wrapping your head around this idea: an Al Gore political comeback.

BuzzFeed reported Thursday that the former vice president, who narrowly lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush, has been in talks with supporters about the idea that he could seek the 2016 Democratic nomination.

FINISH READING this at: USAtoday

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