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Don't forget to battle "arterial plaque". The silent killer. (health)

by AC @, Friday, January 21, 2011, 12:12
edited by AC, Sunday, February 13, 2011, 09:24

by Steve @

We should have taken Hippocrates serious. It was he who said over 2300 years ago: "Let Food be your Medicine".

Five years ago following a mild heart attack, I had a quadruple bypass at St Elizabeths Hospital in Brighton, Mass. The culprit. My arteries were about 80% clogged with plaque (calcium from cholesterol deposits). I was only 55 years old then. So, for many, many of us - including all those young people who suddenly just drop dead, it appears that ignoring the "battle" against arterial plaque is a deadly idea. How do you know what percentage your arteries are blocked?

You can laugh at some of the things below and call it quakery, but they just may save your life, and/or extend your life. But the more you look into some of the things the drug companies and medical science are doing to get us hooked on their extremely expensive drugs - the more you can see a conspiracy here. Like telling us not to eat real butter. What about eggs? Are they really so bad as the medical "conspirer's" want you to think? Or, are they actually very healthy - when eaten a few times a week?


A study by the Medical Research Council that found that men who eat butter instead of margarine actually cut their risk of heart disease in half.

Read more: Butter is Good for You!

The Bible has references to butter as the product of milk from the cow, and of Abraham setting butter and milk from a calf before three angels who appeared to him on the plains of Mamre.

So how did butter become a villain in the quest for good health?

At the turn of our century, heart disease in America was rare. By 1960, it was our number one killer. Yet during the same time period, butter consumption had decreased - from eighteen pounds per person per year, to four.

Now we find out that real butter is high in the all-important Vitamin K2 that can help eliminate plaque from our bodies by "melting" it away.

Margarines, are bad for your health. Margarines are processed food, created chemically from refined polyunsaturated oils. The process used to make these normally liquid oils into spread-able form is called hydrogenation. And we know enough to stay far away from anything that is hydrogenated.

Read: Butter is Good for You!


An Egg Yoke a Day and some butter - may keep the doctor away!

"Nattokinase" like in Natto, a smelly cheese-like substance made from soy beans was accidentally discovered in Japan hundreds of years ago - when soy beans became damp and mildewy - has received lots of claims that it can "melt" away arterial plaque. It has a much higher Vitamin K2 value than real butter. You can get that in pill form.

See gooey Natto at Google: here

What about old fashioned bread with all those seeds in it that our grand parents and great grand parents used to eat. Now you have to look wide and far for bread with seeds in it. Can it be that God intended us to eat seeds to keep cancer and other diseases at bay?

New studies have shown that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice a day can not only halt plaque buildup, but actually remove the plaque that is already in your arteries. One study has shown pomegranate juice has been able to eliminate 13% of arterial plaque in 3 months, and up to 35% in a year's time.

Below are some past health articles I have posted:

How are your arteries? What if Chelation works?

New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging

Related: Raise a glass for a smaller waist

One minute cure: diluted food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide

Health Secrets. Why you NEED fresh (last fall's harvest olive oil)....


Behold the mighty potato

Real Cinnamon (from India) does more than spice up your muffins

natto, nattokinase, pomegranate juice, chelation, olive, red wine, cayenne pepper


Reversing alopecia by growing hair with Cayenne Pepper

by AC @, Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 17:37 @ AC
edited by AC, Monday, January 31, 2011, 10:08

By Steve @

Reversing alopecia by growing hair with Cayenne Pepper

DO NOT CONSIDER THIS AS MEDICAL ADVISE. THIS COULD CAUSE SERIOUS HARM IF YOU GET CAYENNE PEPPER IN YOUR EYES or breath in the concentrated fumes while rinsing it out. This is information garnered from the internet and elsewhere; as well as personal experience.

I have personally tried it and have noticed much hair growth over a 2 month time period. The worse thing I've found is that when I spray wash the cayenne out in the kitchen sink - I have to hold my breath while it goes down the drain. It can be like taking a whiff of pepper spray into your lungs. So be careful not to get it into your eyes, and to not breath it in while washing it out. Keep the drain wide open.

How about growing a fuller head of hair with a mixture of cayenne pepper and olive oil; or just cayenne pepper and water? My recipe/formula is 1 tablespoon of Cayenne pepper, a dime size amount of olive oil and the remainder - hot tap water. Mix water till it has a tad bit wetter than ketchup consistency. Quackery? Some doctors have recommended this for hair growth. Apply where you want thicker hair, or where you want hair.

The theory is that that little bit of "fire" you feel (not so bad) on your scalp when applied - makes your body rush what's needed to grow hair there, including oxygen - to "put out the fire". You keep it on your scalp for 30 min a night where you want hair or fuller hair. While in your hair - your head will have the appearance of a bloody (blood red appearance) mess. But the mixture shampoos right out. Search for the right cayenne pepper which is ground correctly. You'll know it when it stings a little for 15 - 20 min or so, until it begins to dry. McCormick Ground (Cayenne) Red Pepper in the 1 oz size works. You can get that in most grocery stores. You only need 3/4 to a full tablespoon of cayenne. First wet your hair & scalp. If mixing with water and/or olive oil, the mixture should be a bit wetter than the consistency of a ketchup.


MOST IMPORTANT: Some people can mix it and apply it with their fingers and feel nothing. I can. Others will need a rubber glove. But ALWAYS wash off your fingers/hands THOROUGHLY with soap & water immediately after applying AND immediately after shampooing - if you used your hands. NEVER, EVER rub your eyes if you haven't washed it off your hands and face. This would cause immense pain and possibly blindness. It may be a good idea to keep a bottle full of thimerosal-free saline solution (like some contact users use) around in case that catastrophe does happen - and you need to immediately flush your eyes with it. It may be a very good idea to use a plastic shower hat after you apply it - if you don't plan on watching the mirror for a while to ensure it doesn't drip down your forehead--into your eyes. I typically just sit and watch a movie with headphones (rub headphones with a wet sponge after) on while the solution is on.

Also, don't allow it to drip down your forehead either. Keep a tissue right there. Watch it in a mirror until you are sure it is dry enough that it won't drip down your forehead. See more info on this - and a proposed mixture here:

Cayenne pepper has proven to be greatly beneficial to reversing alopecia. However, a full head of hair doesn't grow overnight. Due to the blood flow and circulation acceleration benefits of cayenne pepper, it begins to become noticeable in a matter of weeks when used as one element of a healthy hair regimen. Read more: here

growing hair with cayenne pepper

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