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Hating ALL liberal Democrats get me out of Jury Duty in Mass (general)

by AC @, Monday, February 27, 2017, 21:52 @ AC
edited by AC, Monday, February 27, 2017, 22:16

Will hating ALL liberal Democrats get me out of Jury Duty in Mass.?

Tell me if you think this will work to get me out of Jury Duty at the Lawrence, Massachusetts District Court on 14 March 2017:

The last question on the Jury Questionnaire asks:

"Is there anything else in your background, experience, employment, training, education, knowledge, or beliefs that might affect your ability to be a fair and impartial juror?"

MY Truthful ANSWER: "I am a staunch Christian & Conservative. Am against Homosexuality, illegal immigrants and abortion." Also, I have ZERO (nada) respect for ALL liberal Democrats.

HAVE YOU ever asked why Obama ONLY let in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims and NO Syrian Christians, who (Christians) were persecuted & slaughtered not only by the Syrian Government - but by Syrian Muslims?

Do ya think that truth may work?

STANDBY: Will give ya all the result on 14 March 2017.



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