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Fact check: Christian refugees ‘unfairly’ kept out? (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 20:54 @ AC

Sad liberal Obama Legacy: Admit Syrian Muslims, but NO Syrian Christians

(Muslims have been on a rampage killing Christians in Muslim countries.Just 64 Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S., or about 0.5%, were Christians in fiscal year 2016. So far this fiscal year, about 1.8% of the Syrian refugees accepted into the U.S. were Christians.)

Fact check: Christian refugees ‘unfairly’ kept out?
Robert Farley

President Donald Trump has barred all refugees from entering the United States for four months. See how many resettled here last year and how they differ from other immigrants.

President Trump said Christians have “been horribly treated” by the refugee program and that it has been “almost impossible” for Syrian Christians to gain refugee status for entry into the U.S. But he provides no evidence that they’ve been discriminated against.

It’s true that relatively few Syrian Christians have been accepted into the U.S. as refugees. But officials at the United Nations refugee program say fewer Christians from Syria have registered seeking resettlement. And while there are several theories for that, no one is entirely certain why.

Trump’s comments about the disparity of Christian refugees were made during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody on Jan. 27.

Brody: "Persecuted Christians, we’ve talked about this, overseas. The refugee program, or the refugee changes you’re looking to make. As it relates to persecuted Christians, do you see them as kind of a priority here?"

Trump: "Yes."

Brody: "You do?"

Trump: "They’ve been horribly treated. Do you know if you were a Christian in Syria it was impossible, very, very – at least very, very – tough to get into the United States? If you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible and the reason that was so unfair, is that the – everybody was persecuted in all fairness, but they were chopping off the heads of everybody but more so the Christians. And I thought it was very, very unfair. So we are going to help them."

Later that day, Trump signed an executive order that says that the U.S. — “to the extent permitted by law” — should “prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.” Christians would qualify as belonging to a minority religion in Syria.

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