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Golden Globes 2017:Just another bunch of liberal Demo losers (general)

by AC @, Sunday, January 08, 2017, 21:48 @ AC
edited by AC, Monday, January 09, 2017, 07:14

Golden Globes 2017: Just another bunch of liberal Democrat losers

Golden Globes. Liberal Democrat Hollywood took every opportunity to trash President Elect Trump. I for one am getting pretty sick and tired of liberal Demowhaco Hollywood types. Get over it liberal Democrats from spoiled Hollywood Celebs to cheating illegal aliens AND Dead people who voted liberal Democrat in 2016.

Lying Hillary lost. It will/I hope be an all new country now -- where pervert male or female 'transsexuals' will not be allowed to share the same bathroom with our sweet 7 year old daughters. Transsexuals in my opinion are just sexual opportunists. They were in the past called HE/SHE's for a good reason. They used to linger outside military bars all over the country - hoping to deceive drunken soldiers and sailors. But now, because of liberal Democrats these HE/SHE's are a protected 'species'. Who can forget Obama placing a medal (Medal of Freedom) around lesbian Ellen Degenerate's (my opinion/including misspelling) neck? Sarcastically speaking: Ya sure she is a good role model. /s/ Steve K


Donald Trump takes knocks backstage at Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2017


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