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Busted! John Kerry’s 5 HUGE lies (about Israel) (general)

by AC @, Thursday, December 29, 2016, 09:55 @ AC
edited by AC, Thursday, December 29, 2016, 10:05

Busted! John Kerry’s 5 HUGE lies (about Israel)

Busted! John Kerry’s 5 HUGE lies
DECEMBER 29, 2016 23 Comments

Secretary of State John Kerry’s long, meandering speech about Israeli-Palestinian relations Wednesday was, in a way, the perfect footnote to wrap up President Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy.

After all, how fitting is it for Obama do everything in his power in his last days to leave the world with more conflict?

And then to have his pal justify their actions in a speech filled to the brim with lies, slander, and half-truths?

Here are five of Kerry’s biggest whoppers from his speech — and why it’s TOTAL malarkey.

1 – Israel is a “burden” on the United States

We’re not sure what world Obama is living on, but it’s clearly not planet Earth. Having a functional, friendly democracy that helps maintain order and safety for millions of people in a region otherwise openly hostile to the West is not a burden. Instead, the continuing safety and security of Israel is a valuable asset to the United States.

Further, providing our allies with the means to protect themselves costs the United States less in the long run. There is less need for intervention, and less American lives have to be risked to guarantee the safety of our allies.

Saying otherwise is simply not true.

2 – “No American Administration Has Done More For The Security of Israel Than Barack Obama’s.”

This is so wrong, it’s almost laughable.

The Obama administration has done FAR less for Israel than any president in recent memory. They’ve all-but armed Iran, the country that vows to exterminate Jews from the face of the world, and emboldened anti-Semitic forces around the globe.

Additionally, Obama’s weak foreign policy has allowed terror organizations like ISIS and Hamas to shed innocent blood — all on the border of Israel.

And those are not even Obama’s worst anti-Israeli moves. The very notion that his administration is a friend to Israel shows how full of it Kerry is.

3- Israeli settlements are illegal

Incorrect again. Israel’s right to build homes within their sovereign borders is settled — and it’s 100% legal under international law.

According to The Conservative Review, “The only binding resolution of international law, a resolution which has never been countermanded to this very day, is the July 1922 Mandate for Palestine. Adopted by the League of Nations, that resolution recognized the ‘historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.’ It called for the creation of a Jewish national homeland anywhere west of the Jordan River.”

When the United Nations was formed, it agreed to uphold all agreements formed under the League of Nations and cannot “alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties.”

What does that mean?

Basically, the U.N. legally cannot change any of the previous rulings… including the one regarding Israel’s borders.

The precedent for Israeli settlements legality was put into law 94 years old.

Simple as that.

FINISH READING this at: The Horn News


There NEVER has ever been a Palestinian nation. The so-called Palestinians who live in Israel, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon are simply homeless rejects over the centuries from Muslim/Arab nations. They 'slid' into Israel over the centuries after the Romans forced the Jews out - after the Jews rightfully defied the pagan Romans and their pagan gods. The entire land of Israel was deeded to the Jews by almighty God. Nothing can change that. It is as simple as that.

The Muslim 'Palestinian' are not only 'squatters' in the land of Israel -- but they are also the lousiest neighbors anyone could ask for. Their history of violence against the rightful landlords (the Jews) has proved that. It is about time the world woke up and started insisting for peace to happen in the Middle East, the 'Palestinian' squatters need to be relocated to places such as Jordan - where they can live with their own kind. For the Muslim Arab countries will have nothing to do with that. That's because they need the 'Palestinian squatters in place, to keep hatred focused on Israel. It's a dastardly Muslim plan that liberals all over he world have bought into. /s/ Steve K

John Kerry's lies about Israel, Israel, Palestinian


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