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FBI's Comey has to go: James Robbins (general)

by AC @, Monday, November 07, 2016, 20:40 @ AC

FBI's Comey has to go: James Robbins
James S. Robbins

Then the director unexpectedly announced Sunday that the FBI had hastily reviewed all the 650,000 emails over the course of a week and had “not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July.” Of course, this doesn’t exactly clear Clinton. In July, Comey said she had lied about not having sent or received classified material, lied about only using one device (for “convenience”), and lied about having turned over all her work-related emails, among other things.

He chose to overlook bizarre behavior like Clinton smashing her old cell phones with hammers and using BleachBit to wipe evidence from hard drives. He did not find it especially worth pursuing that the hard drives were wiped after Congress had issued a subpoena for the emails. And while he said he could not prove Clinton intended to break the law, he chose to overlook the email exchange from June 2011 in which she instructed her subordinate Jake Sullivan to strip what may have been classified headings from a document and "send nonsecure." Clinton’s order to Sullivan commit a potentially criminal act should have been a smoking gun to a reasonable prosecutor, but the director let her skate.

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FBI's Comey has to go


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