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Why I am voting NO for recreation use of Marijuana (general)

by AC @, Sunday, November 06, 2016, 17:53
edited by AC, Sunday, November 06, 2016, 18:07

Why I am voting NO for recreation use of Marijuana

If you live in an apartment building, or in a condominium - think seriously about how legalizing marijuana use will affect you, and also your property values. I live in a garden-style apartment/condominium. Last weekend two people in just a single condo unit in my building stunk up the entire building by smoking marijuana in their apartment. Marijuana smoke smells exactly like a SKUNK smell in hallways! If you don't like tobacco smells, marijuana smells in confined spaces are 10 times worse. If marijuana becomes legal, the police will not help you with potheads stinking up your building. You better hope your landlord and/or condo association aren't potheads themselves.

Don't listen to the liberal Democrats who are pushing to make recreational marijuana legal in.

Other ramifications of legal marijuana use are - it will increase the likelihood that you or a family member will be killed in a car accident by a whacky tobacy marijuana smoker or by chewing marijuana laced candy or eating marijuana laced brownies. Those odds increase you and/or your family will die on the road - killed by a pothead - if that marijuana smoker is also texting while driving. Marijuana smokers can easily escape prying eyes and noses - whereas someone drunk on booze cannot. Marijuana smokers will soon begin to think nothing of getting behind the wheel of a car.

Some examples of the consequences of legalizing marijuana to think about. How many aircraft pilots will get into the cockpit high on marijuana unnoticed - or bus drivers - train drivers? Will you ever feel safe flying again? A stumbling drunk would bound to get noticed. Not so with a pot user.

If they reeked of alcohol, chances are - they would not be allowed to board which happened to these commercial airline pilots. Don't let the liberals convince you that voting YES for recreational marijuana is a good thing.

vote no for marijuana, vote no for legalizing marijuana, vote no for recreation use of marijuana


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