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Is 'loonie' (my opinion) Bill Clinton right about Obamacare (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 20:37 @ AC

Is 'loonie' (my opinion) Bill Clinton right about Obamacare?

Loonie in that Bill Clinton has been acting very, very 'loonie' lately in my opinion.

Is Bill Clinton right about Obamacare?
By Lanhee J. Chen
Updated 8:13 PM ET, Tue October 4, 2016

(CNN)Bill Clinton raised some eyebrows on the campaign trail Monday when he declared that Obamacare "is the craziest thing in the world." He assailed the law for escalating health care costs and decreasing health plan choices amongst middle-income Americans. The critique of Obamacare, which was entirely accurate, was surprising particularly because it puts his wife -- an ardent defender of the law -- in an awkward political position going into Sunday's second presidential debate.

Perhaps even more surprising has been the fact that Donald Trump hasn't more directly and forcefully used this same line of attack against Obamacare and, by extension, Hillary Clinton. In fact, Trump failed to mention Obamacare's failings even once during the last week's presidential debate. Anyone involved in Trump's debate preparations for this weekend's matchup should ensure that he does not allow the entirety of another debate to pass without some mention of Obamacare's shortcomings.
Bill Clinton's defenders have argued that his comments about Obamacare were taken out of context; that what he was actually advocating for was the need for changes to be made to the law so that it functions more effectively.

The problem isn't that the health care law needs to be tweaked, or that the rising premiums and declining choices that consumers face are surprises that require a course-correction. Indeed, the law was so poorly designed and conceived that these problems were entirely predictable.



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