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Liberal America: Handy to be ‘deprived’ when you’re depraved (general)

by AC @, Saturday, October 01, 2016, 20:50 @ AC

Liberal America: Handy to be ‘deprived’ when you’re depraved

Carr: Handy to be ‘deprived’ when you’re depraved
Howie Carr Friday, September 30, 2016

Triple murderer Gary Lee Sampson is trying to avoid the death penalty with the old Officer Krupke defense from “West Side Story”:

“He’s so depraved on account of he’s so deprived.”

Sampson is the career jailbird who carjacked three guys and stabbed them to death in 2001, two in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire.

Since his conviction in federal court, Sampson’s been incarcerated at the Bureau of Prison’s death row in Terre Haute, Ind. Sadly, his death sentence was thrown out by a bleeding-heart judge, so now Sampson gets a new trial to decide whether he should get the death penalty, although it’s a moot point because he has cirrhosis of the liver, or so his lawyers claim.

Remorse is not one of Sampson’s strong suits, as we have learned in various briefs filed by the prosecution about his life on death row. He brags he “has a bigger legal team than OJ.”

His meals are delivered through a slot in his cell door. Once, Sampson shoved a sharpened broomstick through the slot, trying to shank the guard.

He was once recorded saying, “Killing someone is not a problem for me.”

Likewise, Sampson’s lawyers have nothing but time, and money — our money, because they’re “public defenders.” So now they decide to file a list of 217 “mitigating factors” for the soon-to-be-empaneled jury to consider as reasons why their monstrous client should not be executed.

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald

Triple murderer Gary Lee Sampson, Gary Sampson


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