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Is Trump Right? Up to 84 dead, 50 hurt as truck plows crowd (general)

by AC @, Thursday, July 14, 2016, 20:35
edited by AC, Friday, July 15, 2016, 06:00

Truck driver shot into crowds before plowing into people for around 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) until he was shot to death by authorities

Is Trump Right about Muslim Immigration? I think so! Up to 80 dead, 50 hurt as truck driven by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel plows into crowd in France

Up to 84 dead, 50 hurt as truck plows into crowd

I am going out on a limb here, but I will almost guarantee that ISLAMIC terrorists are to blame for this truck simply plowing into a crowd in France.

Like I said before. Admit more Muslims into your country and the odds will increase that you and your family will not be safe going out to a Restaurant - or in this case out to a holiday gathering. ISLAM is EVIL. It's goal is to take over the entire world for Islam. DON'T believe it? Just read the evil Muslim Qur'an (Koran). Islam brain washes its adherents -- so those who follow what their Qur'an says to do (kill non-Muslims) think they are acting like God's angel. Qur'an's 'Verse of the Sword': "“And when the sacred months are passed, kill those who join other gods with God wherever ye shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush.”

I think Donald Trump is 100% correct from wanting to stop Muslim immigration into the United States. Too many Muslims agree with their own unholy holy book which calls for murdering those who do not embrace Islam.

It may be too late for Europe, as they have already embraced far too many Muslim immigrants. But an America without a Barack Obama or a Hillary Clinton or any Democrat at the helm has a chance. Otherwise just get used to never going out in public. An evil Muslim terrorist fed, clothed - brought up on American Welfare (like Boston Marathon Bombers were) will eventually find you.


At least 84, including 2 Americans, dead after truck rams crowd in France

LEARN more about EVIL ISLAM here:


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