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Recommended Movie: Unconditional (general)

by AC @, Friday, April 01, 2016, 20:36 @ AC
edited by AC, Friday, April 01, 2016, 20:42

Recommended Movie: Unconditional. A GREAT movie! A tear jerker! BUT why not a single mention of the Holy name of Jesus/Yeshua??? WATERED DOWN!

This movie is billed as a 'Christian' movie. And that it is - with Christian ideals. I highly recommend it - as it is a heart warming true story. My only question is why do SO MANY Christian movies NOT EVEN BOTHER to mention the Holy name of the Lord Jesus/Yeshua even ONCE? I can't even remember seeing even the sign of the cross/or crucifix in this movie. Why is that? For economic reasons such as being afraid of ticking off Jews, or pagans such as Muslims, Hindu's, Buddhists - or even the declining occult Masonic populations? I can't remember seeing/hearing the Lord's name once in this movie. That seems to be a current NORM in Hollywood these days. And I for one think that mindset stinks to high heaven.

Has it gotten to be SO BAD in these end days that liberals have hijacked everything, and that occult 'blasphemers' (my opinion) such as the Masons are now so content with referring to God's Holy name (Jesus/Yeshua) as something as cold and distant as 'The Grand Architect of the Universe'(GAOTU). Gag me with a spoon about this Masonic GAOTU... Hello? There is NO OTHER mediator between God the Father, other than His only begotten Son (not made/a spirit thing) - Jesus/Yeshua. Don't ever forget that or take that lightly. Jesus/Yeshua IS the WORD of God - the LOGOS (beginning and the end). All that is was spoke into existence by God's WORD. /s/ Steve K


Unconditional movie


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