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OBAMA NUTS? Bans asking crime history question on Job Apps (general)

by AC @, Monday, November 02, 2015, 16:27 @ AC
edited by AC, Monday, November 02, 2015, 16:35

OBAMA NUTS? Bans asking crime history question on Job Applications
Preferential job hiring treatment for ex-inmates?

In my opinion, President Obama is plain 'nuts'! First he filled up government jobs with homosexuals & transsexuals - who now get preference in hiring for government positions. Now he wants to add ex-convicts to the government. This Obama guy is totally 'nuts' in my opinion. The Government already has way to many crooks working for it. It doesn't need 10's of thousands more thieves, murderers, rapists, burglars, child molesters, drug and dealers. WHERE is Congress in this? First the Democrats brought us 'Don't ask, Don't Tell' for homosexuals and transsexuals in the US military. Now the Democrats brings us 'Don't ask, Don't Tell' to fill up US Government job positions. WE DO NOT need -- nor can we survive as a nation - with another Democrat President in the White House! Next will have ex-inmates running around with Secret and Top Secret clearances. /s/ Steve K

Obama tells federal agencies to 'ban the box' on federal job applications
Gregory Korte, USA TODAY 5:36 p.m. EST November 2, 2015

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday he was directing federal agencies to "ban the box" in their hiring decisions, prohibiting them from asking prospective government employees about their criminal histories on job applications.

Speaking at Rutgers University in Newark, N.J., where he highlighted programs meant to ease the reentry of former inmates into society, Obama said the federal government "should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we even look at their qualifications."

It's unclear how many federal agencies would be affected by Obama's action. Many agencies already delay asking about criminal history until later in the hiring process, but Obama is directing the Office of Personnel Management to issue guidance making that practice universal across the federal government.

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