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Liberal Democrats block 'sanctuary cities' bill (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 22:29

Liberal Democrats block 'sanctuary cities' bill - Take back America!

Dems block 'sanctuary cities' bill
by Jordain Carney

Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked legislation to crackdown on cities that don't comply with federal immigration law.
Senators voted 54-45 on a measure to end debate on legislation from Sen. David Vitter. Sixty votes were needed to overcome the procedural hurdle and move toward a vote on the bill itself.

Two Democrats broke rank and sided with Republicans in the vote.

The Louisiana Republican’s legislation would have limited federal grants to so-called "sanctuary cities" and increased penalties for undocumented immigrants who reenter the United States illegally after being deported.

FINISH READING this at the LIBERAL website:

sanctuary cities bill, sanctuary cities


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