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Carr: CNN does its best to knock Bernie Sanders down (general)

by AC @, Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 21:15 @ AC

Carr: CNN does its best to knock Bernie Sanders down

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
By: Howie Carr

CNN put out a contract on U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders last night, and he survived in that sea of white privilege that was the first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

When it was all over, nothing much had changed. But could the plot have been any more transparent? Throw everything at the septuagenarian moonbat’s moonbat from Vermont by way of Brooklyn.

CNN’s motto last night was, “Women and children first, forget the children!”

Sen. Sanders, how dare you vote to sustain the Second Amendment? Sen. Sanders, why didn’t you do anything about the scandal in the VA hospitals? Sen. Sanders, why did you vote against “immigration reform” in 2007?

They even asked him about his honeymoon in Moscow, and supporting the totalitarian Sandinistas in Nicaragua — aren’t those resume-enhancers for Democrats?

And on those rare occasions when one of the four old white men dared to directly confront the old white woman, such as Jim Webb did on the disaster that is Libya, Anderson Cooper couldn’t change the subject fast enough — and put Bernie back on the spot.

He then asked Bernie about the Vietnam era and his draft-dodging, I mean conscientious objections.

But Bernie held his own, and then some. He stayed on message. He used all the Democrat dog whistles. He’s for “working people” (that means non-working people). Everyone deserves their “fair share.” (Which is free stuff.) He said, “We’re creating excitement.” (Which usually happens when you offer free stuff!) He’s for “paid family leave.” (Which most Democrat primary voters already have — it’s called welfare.)

FINISH READING this at: Boston Herald


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