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Don't DARE Blame Israel: escalating violence in West Bank (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, October 06, 2015, 21:18
edited by AC, Tuesday, October 06, 2015, 21:34


Don't DARE Blame Israel: escalating violence in West Bank

Israeli forces, Palestinians clash amid escalating violence in West Bank
Shira Rubin, October 6, 2015


BETHLEHEM, West Bank — Palestinians and Israeli soldiers clashed across the West Bank on Tuesday as the Israeli military demolished the homes of two alleged Palestinian militants amid escalating violence that is threatening to turn into a full-scale uprising in the region.

Yusef, a 14-year-old Palestinian from Bethlehem who refused to give his full name out of fear of retribution by Israeli soldiers said an uprising, or intifada, was already underway. When asked about the dangers of demonstrating — especially in light of a new policy that allows Israeli soldiers to use live ammunition against protesters — Yusef said he hoped to become a martyr.

The latest rash of violence began during a long Jewish holiday weekend, when an Israeli couple were ambushed and shot dead at point-blank range in their car with their four children in the backseat. The children were not harmed.

On Saturday, a Palestinian stabbed two Israelis to death and wounded two others, including a toddler, in the Old City of Jerusalem. The move spurred the Israeli government take the unprecedented step of barring Palestinians who do not live, work or study there from entering the Old City.

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