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Kidding Me? Indian Man brutally killed for eating Beef? (general)

by AC @, Thursday, October 01, 2015, 19:48
edited by AC, Thursday, October 01, 2015, 20:08

Kidding Me? Indian Man brutally killed for eating Beef?

AND India is the country where many U.S. companies outsource/give our jobs away to to save a few bucks in labor costs? Come to find out, India is a 3rd world country which savagely murders people who eat beef and treat their citizens like 'dirt' via their 'cast system'. Get a grip India! Can even evil liberal Democrats even countenance this? They have no problem with swimming in a polluted river. But should someone eat a hot dog? Forget it. I am going to enjoy a hamburg right now. /s/ Steve K

Indian man brutally killed by mob over rumor he ate beef
Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, October 1, 2015

(NEWSER) – The mob came in the night while Mohammad Akhlaq slept, smashing in his door and dragging him from bed, then beating him to death with bricks until the blocks crumbled in their hands, reports the Washington Post. Why? "They accused us of keeping cow meat," Akhlaq's daughter, Sajida, tells the Indian Express. (More: Enraged Mumbai residents say hands off our chicken tikka.)

About 80% of Indians are Hindu and refuse to eat beef for religious reasons, but many of the country's 140 million Muslims do eat beef—or at least they did until laws passed or tightened under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist, banned the practice, per the Post. The AP reports the state of Uttar Pradesh—home to Akhlaq, a Muslim in his 50s—prohibits the slaughter of cows and those who break the law face arrest. Yet when a rumor spread that Akhlaq killed a calf, 100 men in Bisara village reportedly took matters into their own hands.

They "broke down our doors and started beating my father and brother," Sajida says. "My father was taken outside the house and beaten to death.

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