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Ginger Treats Cancer Better Than Chemo (health)

by AC @, Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 06:54 @ AC

Ginger Treats Cancer Better Than Chemo (Without Any Side Effects)

It’s always a good time for ginger

For centuries, ginger has been revered for its health-promoting and cancer-fighting properties—the modern medical system just needed to see some peer-reviewed studies before believing the age-old hype. Mounting evidence shows that consuming ginger as a part of your diet is excellent not only for treating cancer, but also for preventing it in the first place.

Especially when consumed frequently, ginger also improves blood circulation, alleviates aches and pains, wards off colds and flus, improves nutrient absorption, strongly supports respiratory health, and strengthens the immune system—so integrating ginger into your diet is always a great idea.

And doing so is simple: its spicy, earthy taste makes it a great cooking spice (try it in soups, sauces, stir-fry dishes, and even in smoothies and juices). You can also steep 2 tablespoons of shredded ginger root to make a spicy, enlivening tea that’s great for promoting mental clarity and strong immune function. For a super-dose of ginger, we also recommend this elixir, which is blended with turmeric and black pepper and then liposomalized for maximum bioavailability. You can learn more about what makes this product so revolutionary here.

However you choose to consume ginger, just make sure you give this incredible little root a try—especially if you or a loved one are suffering from cancer and looking for a treatment that really works.


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