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GOP: DUMP John Boehner Now - Democrats tell why! (general)

by AC @, Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 20:22
edited by AC, Friday, September 25, 2015, 19:32

GOP: DUMP John Boehner Now - Democrats tell why!

It's not about John Boehner being a bad man. In fact, he is the opposite. He is a very good, honorable, spiritual and kind person. But he just isn't 'in the fight' in my opinion.

Have you wondered why the Republicans cannot get anything done - EVEN THOUGH they control both the House and the Senate? LOOK no further - Democrats tell you why. TIME to DUMP the House Republican Speaker, Ohio Congressman John Boehner who seems to me to be working AGAINST Republican causes.

My opinion: He appears to be either working with or always backing down from the evil liberal Democrat Agenda of Abortion, homosexuality, ObamaCare, illegal immigration - and bankrupting America via huge 'entitlement programs'.

Have Republicans won even one conservative cause/issue since Boehner has been Speaker? Has there even been a good 'fight' put up by Republicans during his tenure? All he seems to understand - is how to back down.

24 SEP 15 UPDATE: The minority Democrats blocked the conservative effort today - to defund Planned Parenthood. /s/ Steve K

House Dems willing to save John Boehner
By Manu Raju

Washington (CNN)Speaker John Boehner's future was on Rep. Henry Cuellar's mind when he was speaking with fellow House Democrats last week.

The question they were mulling: Would they throw Boehner a lifeline and save his job if he needed their votes to survive?

"Heck yes!" Cuellar said in an interview when asked if he'd consider it.

The Texas Democrat is one of more than a dozen House Democrats who told CNN they'd be willing to vote to keep Boehner in place if he faces a rebellion from the tea party wing of his caucus this fall. In interviews, a number of Democrats said they would use the dilemma as leverage to demand Boehner take a list of unspecified actions before casting a vote to spare his speakership.

The openness of Democrats to help the Ohio Republican could give Boehner more breathing room as he faces a revolt from roughly two dozen House conservatives who are plotting how to boot him from his position because, they believe, he has not taken a more confrontational line with President Barack Obama.


dump John Boehner


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