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Homosexual Elton John's and Venice mayor's spat (general)

by AC @, Wednesday, September 09, 2015, 20:52 @ AC
edited by AC, Thursday, September 10, 2015, 05:45

Elton John and Venice mayor's spat: Mayor strikes back
By Monica Sarkar, CNN
Updated 3:42 PM ET, Thu August 20, 2015

(CNN)The mayor of Venice has hit back after singer Elton John rebuked him on Instagram for taking the controversial decision to ban children's books with same-sex references.

As part of his election campaign in June, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro withdrew "books on gender theory," as well as literature on "physical, religious and racial discrimination," he said in a statement. Books were removed which were deemed "not suitable for pre-school children." He added that some books will be redistributed.

"It'll be a work of analysis, done with precision and attention, even using the summer time and the school holidays, choosing the best people to take care of it and thus avoiding further disputes and exploitation of a subject that has already done too much to talk about itself," the mayor said.

Despite claiming that he would not be swayed by his critiques, after a backlash from Italians, writers and even human rights organization Amnesty International, dozens of banned books have been reduced to two.

He tweeted the cover of a book entitled "Jean a Deux Mamans" (Jean has two mummies): "That's one of the # gender books withdrawn from preschools. Book in French with two mothers," he confirmed. "The Little Egg" is the other blacklisted book, which tells the story of an egg which decides to explore different forms of family, including same-sex parents, before hatching into life.



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