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Recommended Movie: The Book Thief (2013) - about WWII (video-books)

by AC @, Tuesday, July 07, 2015, 20:15
edited by AC, Wednesday, July 08, 2015, 16:55

Recommended Movie: The Book Thief (2013) - about World War II (WWII)

To me, this excellent movie is a small tribute to the countless innocent German civilians who had to endure World War II. It is a good insight into what ordinary Germans & Jews had to live through because of the evil madman Hitler and those times. The young girl who played Liesel should have won an academy award. The young blond kid who played Liesel's 'admirer' also did a wonderful job. As did the entire cast.

Have no doubt, this movie will garner some tears from you about the good German people (many I met while stationed in Vaihingen-Stuttgart) who got caught up in the horrible World War II calamity.

GREAT movie! Please make some more like this.



I have to disagree with Netflix's writeup above about Liesel's 'cold' foster parents. I thought their characters were the exact opposite of cold. You will have to see the movie to see for yourself what I mean.

/s/ Steve K

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