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Last Ounce of Courage: Must see for Non-liberal Chris (video-books)

by AC @, Friday, May 29, 2015, 20:35
edited by AC, Friday, May 29, 2015, 21:48

Last Ounce of Courage: Must see for Non-liberal Christians

This gets FIVE Stars from me. I cannot say enough GOOD about this movie. It hits it right on the nose at what is happening in the United States today -- which is our LOSS of freedom due entirely to liberal Democrats and renegade liberal Democrat appointed Judges.

This movie will have you into tears at least 50% of the time - UNLESS you happen to be a God-hating/denying Liberal Democrat.

Since America's founding, 1.3 million American men and woman have gladly & courageously given up their precious lives to protect our Freedoms we now enjoy. SADLY, because of liberal Democrat renegade Judges and politicians -- especially Christians have had their rights and Freedoms stomped upon in recent years.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

America was founded by Christians seeking freedom from tyranny. NOW, Christians are sadly having to fight - just to practice their religion.

This movie shows what Christians are up against in America today because of liberalism, and especially liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrats have 'mastered' the satanic lie of 'all inclusiveness' AND 'entitlements' - the major part their grand plan to always get reelected (pay them to vote Democrat). Generally liberals spin the lie about 'separation of church & state', which was NEVER what the founding fathers envisioned. Separation of church & state was ONLY a discussion Thomas Jefferson had. It was NEVER made a Law. And it is NOT found in the U.S. Constitution! But, nevertheless Democrats use this illegally as an argument -- that makes one believe it is enshrined in the Constitution. Democrats use this to garner votes from every direction. Liberal Democrats make you feel sorry for homosexuals/homosexualism -- who God is on record as saying it is an ABOMINATION -- it is unnatural.

Liberal Democrats make you feel sorry for pagan Muslims whose only cause (according to their unHoly Qur'an/Koran is to take over the entire world in the name of Islam. Islam lies that Jesus/Yeshua never died on the cross. Islam also lies by saying, IF you believe that GOD has a Son, you will go to hell. Democrats allow Muslims to pour into America as immigrants. Regardless that most preachings in their Friday mosques in to undermine and take over America in the name of the satanic Islamic religion. Most mosques in America also fun (my opinion) overseas terrorists.

This movie is all about punching through the liberal Democrat and satanic lies such as Islam & Liberals present.

In my opinion, this movie is ALL about FREEDOM. Period. Starting with Christmas. Take that away. What comes next? Christians NEED to stand up for what they believe AND take back America! 150 years ago, President U.S. Grant made CHRISTmas a National Holiday. Now, because of liberal Democrats Americans have to hide when they celebrate CHRISTmas and the borth of our Lord and Savior Jesus the CHRIST. CHRISTmas is now ILLEGALLY (regardless of being a legal National Holiday) kept from public places. /s/ Steve K



Last Ounce of Courage


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