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Federal health care? Not so fast, say states (health)

by AC @, Monday, March 22, 2010, 16:22 @ AC
edited by AC, Monday, March 22, 2010, 16:29

Federal health care? Not so fast, say states
12 attorneys general line up lawsuits, citing violations of U.S. Constitution

Posted: March 22, 2010
2:17 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Let the lawsuits begin.

Twelve U.S. states are reportedly ready to sue the federal government over the massive health-care overhaul passed in the House yesterday, claiming it constitutes a major overstep of federal power.

"The health-care reform legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last night clearly violates the U.S. Constitution and infringes on each state's sovereignty," said Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican.

"On behalf of the state of Florida and of the attorneys general from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alabama," McCollum announced, "if the president signs this bill into law, we will file a lawsuit to protect the rights and the interests of American citizens."

Virginia's Republican Attorney General, Kenneth Cuccinelli, has also vowed to bring suit, claiming Congress' constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce doesn't extend to requiring Virginians to buy health insurance.

"If a person decides not to buy health insurance, that person by definition is not engaging in commerce," Cuccinelli said in a statement. "If you are not engaging in commerce, how can the federal government regulate you?"

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States Lining Up to Challenge Health Reform. Read at:

Senator Scott Scott Brown rips passage of health care bill
By Joe Dwinell
Monday, March 22, 2010

A disgusted U.S. Sen. Scott Brown urged anyone upset by last night’s historic passage of the $940 billion House health-care overhaul to swarm the Senate with phone calls in a last-ditch effort to block Democratic fixes.

Brown, saying he’s “doing his best” to blunt the sweeping reform, said this morning there’s one last chance to curb a long list of changes tucked into a “reconciliation” bill.

“The way people can get involved is to now call your senators and tell them how you feel,” the Wrentham Republican said on WEEI-AM.

The Senate must now vote on a package of changes made to the bill. Those changes - worked on by Democrats in the House and Senate along with the White House - were approved last night by the House 220-211.

But, no matter what happens in the Senate, a bill without any changes was passed by the House last night 219-212 and can now be signed into law by the president.

A vote on the bill asking for fixes is now in the hands of the Senate, where one more decisive battle loom

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